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First Things First

So you’ve decided to go “online”; with your product or business. Now what? The first, and one of the most important decisions to make, is by what name do you want to be know on the Internet. Choosing your “domain” name solves this. If someone wants to find you on the Internet, what do they type into their browser? For example, if you type “” into your browser you know where you’re going to end up. The same goes with domains such as, or Your domain name should be easy to remember, it should be as short as possible, and it should apply to your product or business.

Allow the professionals at NetTracks Internet Solutions to suggest some possibilities. They understand the importance that the domain name plays in the overall success of a website.

No Hidden Fees
Your Identity Is Insulated From Spammers

Once your domain name is chosen, NetTracks Internet Solutions will register and maintain it for you. And they will do so at a much lower cost than the competition. There are no “hidden” fees -- they don’t employ such tactics as the “bait and switch” where your cost increases when it’s time to re-register, and they won’t sell the registration process to another company. They will do the work for you and will be there to support your domain name as long as necessary.